Report abuse

Uldebate, was created as a powerful tool to settle debates online. If you believe that Uldebate is being used in a distasteful way, you can report it for abuse.

Types of Abuse

  1. Pornographic

    We disallow sharing or publishing of nudity, graphic sex acts or other sexually explicit material. We strictly forbid content that drives traffic to or from pornography.

    We have a zero tolerance policy towards children exploits.

    We will immediately terminate every account that participate in sharing or publishing or even supporting child abuse content.

    Severe content will lead us to reporting the content and its owner to law enforcement.

  2. Promotes violence, hatred or illegal activities

    Users may not explicitly share or publish content that promote hatred, violence or illegal activities.

    Note: individuals are not to be considered as a protected group.

    Users may not share or publish shockingly, unsettling and horrific graphic.

  3. Copyright infringement

    It is our obligation to respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement. If you possess any copyright of the content uploaded to our site, let us know and it will be removed.

If you want to report any type of abuse (even if not listed above), just send us an email at: