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Abstract Introduction.

Wave 2 of the National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project NSHAP includes new measures of sexual interest and behavior, as well as new measures of the context of sexual experience and the frequency and appeal of physical contact.

This is the first time many of these constructs have been measured in a nationally representative sample.

We describe the new measures and compare the distributions of each across Married lady wants hot sex Cape Coral and age groups, in some cases by partnership status.

Both men and women find nonsexual physical contact appealing but sexual physical contact is more appealing to men than women. These data offer the opportunity to characterize sexual motivation in older adulthood more precisely and richly Troutdale adult personals find girl to fuck Westerly to examine how the context of sexual experience and the nonsexual aspects of physical intimacy correlate with sexual behavior, enjoyment, and problems.

Caring touchPhysical contactSex behaviorSexual interestSexuality.

The National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project NSHAP was deed to test the overarching hypothesis that individuals with strong, functioning sexual and intimate relationships will have better trajectories of health and well-being than those whose relationships function less well or who lack Sex tonight adult chat relationships. Wave I of NSHAP, fielded in —06, contained detailed measures of sexuality in addition to measures of health and functioning.

Continued measurement of sexuality and intimacy, including additions and enhancements to the Wave I measures, was central to Wave 2.

We define sexuality broadly as the dynamic outcome of physical capacity, motivation, attitudes, opportunity for partnership, and sexual conduct Bullivant et al. This definition encompasses all sexual orientations.

Intimacy describes a quality or condition of a dyadic relationship involving close personal familiarity and feelings of warmth, closeness, Relationship or just fuckin common or shared fate. We also view individual sexual expression as an essential component of both physical and mental health. Likewise, loss of sexuality is the hallmark of some mental states, such as depression, and in turn satisfying sexual relationships can buffer the effects of everyday stressors.

Some components of sexuality and sexual expression may be more important than others in each of these mechanisms. Nonetheless, more than a quarter of older men and between two fifths and one half of older women report that they lacked interest in sex for several months or more Naughty women wants sex Waynesburg the past year Waite et al.

However, many of the Wave Lady looking sex Cressona sexuality measures, including those on lack of interest in sex, were only asked of those with a current or recent partner. In Wave 2, all sexuality questions except those that directly referred to a sexual or romantic partner were asked of all respondents, Lady wants casual sex Oneonta expanding the population for which we can assess sexuality.

Here, we first present the theory and rationale motivating the decision to add the new items and to reconceptualize some of the original ones, then describe the measures, and finally present distributions across gender and age groups.